Flowers by Modcloth

Exquisite Detail

Extreme Zoom

Every Angle


Sell more with high-resolution, 3D images of your garments on any platform. Adding the right image can increase conversion rates up to 33%. With our technology, we bring you EVERY ANGLE and EVERY DETAIL faster, better, and with interactivity in ONE IMAGE.

It’s like a zoomable stereo vision shopping experience for your customers’ eyes!


At OHZONE, we make precise 3D models of your REAL garments. Customers will experience your creations in exquisite detail, giving them the confidence to buy while lowering return rates and increasing customer happiness!


There is no need for costly high-end CAD systems, engineers, or for a typical product photoshoot where you wait weeks for 3- 10 shots of your product only to find out you have to do another shoot. With OHZONE, you get every angle you want in one striking 3D model that is zoomable for detail.


Our patented technology works safely with Shopify, Websites, Digital Catalogs, Line Sheets, and AV/VR technology. We provide consistent and shop-able high resolution 3D images. All you need to do is copy/paste the secure code onto your site.