The Ohzone Inc. is a fashion technology company inspired to bring gorgeous 3D garments to digital life and lower the barrier of entry for fashion brands to create 3D images for e-commerce and displays. Our patented, cutting-edge technology provides high fidelity, exquisitely detailed 3D clothing from REAL garments that can be used for any platform, including 3D e-commerce, VR, AR, and XR.


Ohzone was started by two highly skilled 3D computer graphics experts from Nvidia and Zoran/Oak Technology. Oh Tepmongkol, the founder, was having difficulty shopping online with her daughter. The images and ability to look at clothing lacked the detail she desired in 2D imagery. Oh took it upon herself to look into how to create a better experience. She discovered she could combine her skills in 3D algorithms with her love for fashion and shopping. She pulled in her friend Kevin, and they went to work. They learned that it is fairly straightforward technologically to capture hard goods such as shoes and handbags, but the folds, drape, and texture of clothing required a combination of programmatic skills and a passion for fashion and textiles to make it work. They built a 3D platform to test their idea and hyper-focused their efforts on soft goods to ensure that details and lighting would be exquisitely executed and experienced. As part of this process, they procured two patents and have two additional patents pending for their algorithmic work in 3D technology and virtual try-on. They brought on the rest of the team after perfecting their technological solutions. Today, The Ohzone, is a fully operational company with a team and technology to bring 3D fashion to life.

Our Team

Oh Tepmongkol-Wheaton


Oh has two decades of experience in embedded systems and software development. She received her BSEE from Texas A&M and an MSEE from Stanford. She holds seven patents in image and video processing and 3D algorithms. She is an avid shopper and loves to interact online.

Kevin Acken, Ph.D


Kevin has a PhD in computer science and engineering with a specialty in 3D graphics from Penn State University. Kevin, who previously worked in the graphics chip division of NVidia, brings over 15 years of experience in 3D graphics, software design, mobile design, and server design skills.

Jack Myers, Ph.D


Jack has more than 30 years of experience in developing algorithms, system and application design, and software programming. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the California Institute of Technology. Jack is an expert in algorithms development and computational geometry.

Rick Bunce


Rick has 20 years of experience and six patents in image processing algorithms and hardware, with such varied applications as laser printers, organic transistor printed electronic circuits, and 3D modeling of clothing.  His BSEE and MSEE are from UW-Madison.

Bruce S. Maxwell


Bruce is a serial entrepreneur who hasn't hit a 12-step program yet. He founded the company Positive Communications and grew it to $40 million in sales, 450 employees, and sold over a million products. He left Positive in 1998 to found a consulting practice. He is a specialist in venture finance and has raised over $78 million in private equity. Bruce holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BA from Swarthmore College.

Alison Lewis


Alison has 15 years in fashion technology and new product innovation. She is a serial entrepreneur and an avid lover of fashion and space exploration. She has a Masters from Parsons School of Design with a focus on Fashion Technology, attended Singularity University Graduate Program, and holds an Executive Entrepreneurship Certificate with the HAAS School of Business, UC Berkeley.

Jason Han


Jason is a jack-of-all-trade for our startup. He is an experienced frontend developer and a go-to guy for IT support, embedded software development, automation and testing of hardware as well as graphics and UI design as needed. Jason has a Master in computer engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Sara Frankel


Serial entrepreneur with significant experience in business strategy and marketing. She has a BA from Harvard, an MA from Cambridge, and an MBA from Stanford Business School.